About DocsThursday

DocsThursday is an open source movement. It’s a monthly party for Docs Enthusiasts that doesn’t discriminate. You can be a technical writer, Developer Advocate, Backend Engineer, Support Specialist, or just getting started at a coding bootcamp. All are welcome.

The idea is that many of us would agree that documentation is important but yet we rarely take the time to work on it. For the technical writer at a company, they’re typically underesourced and would love a dev’s time to talk about and even document their own work but it’s hard to get it. For the open source maintainer, you’re already volunteering your time to code the project, you just don’t have enough time or energy left to then do the documentation. For others, they use an open source project they love but don’t have the general programming or language specific skills to contribute to the core program. Documentation provides another route of contribution.

DocsThursday’s goal is to bring mindshare back to documentation in order to set aside a little time (it’s only once a month) to contribute to docs.