How to be Featured

We like to feature doc repos that are well cared after and follow some basic community management guidelines. The idea is that we want maintained repos that provide some basic tools to make it easier for outsiders to contribute, whether that project is on GitHub or GitLab.

To get your docs repo featured on DocsThursday you need to:

In the repository…

  1. Have an open source license - DocsThursday is an open source movement.
  2. Have a Readme (e.g., - crucial for all repositories, not just docs.
  3. Have a contributors guide (e.g., - potential contributors need to know how to contribute.
  4. Have CI support (CircleCI, Travis CI, etc) - let contributors see when they break something so they can fix it.
  5. Have recent commits - don’t expect people to contribute to your docs when you don’t.

Outside the repository…

  1. [If on GitHub] Tag the repository with the GitHub topic DocsThursday - this is how we can find you.
  2. Share the news - announce that your project/company’s docs are participating in DocsThursday via your blog or forum.

With these requirements met, we should be able to pick up your project within a couple of weeks. If you want to give us a little nudge anyway, please feel free to contact us.